Meet Dr. Charles Griffin

Associate Doctor at Smith Chiropractic

Dr. Charles Griffin, B.S., D.C. is a nationally board certified chiropractic physician that is licensed to practice in four states. He received his Bachelor of Science from North Carolina State University where he walked-on to the football program and played as an inside linebacker. His professional mission is to educate and encourage, thereby empowering others to experience their optimal health.

Dr. Griffin has pursued continuing education in multiple areas of interest. His focus on mechanisms of low back and disc injury, spinal disc disorders and neurologic examination have aided in proper diagnosis of spinal related conditions, while courses on spinal decompression and spinal rehabilitative exercises allow optimal treatment of these conditions. Gait analysis as well as foot mechanics, orthotic applications and extremity adjustment techniques have enabled Dr. Griffin to diagnose and treat the most difficult cases that have previously not responded to chiropractic care or physical therapy. Other areas of interest and continued education include orthopedic/chiropractic research, therapy and diagnosis of shoulder injuries, x-ray and advanced imaging, scoliosis treatment, migraine relief and prevention, nutrition and soft tissue/whiplash injuries due to automobile accidents and pain relief.

Dr. Griffin is an outdoor enthusiast who regularly enjoys hiking, cycling, skateboarding, and has taught thousands of people to snowboard.